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Feb 28
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Feb 29
1 Room, 2 Adults, 0 Children
Room 1:

Clean and cosy

Solo traveler

"Whenever I am in the south bay, I always stay at the Pacific Euro (now The Euro) Hotel. Recently, they renovated the reception area which is now fresh, modern, bright and inviting, where they offer tea and coffee 24/7. I choose to stay in the Euro because it is located exactly halfway between San Francisco and San Jose, and is an easy (flat) walk to the Redwood City (Sequoia) Caltrain station (less than 10 minutes). Within walking distance on both Main Street and a block away on Broadway is a wide variety of quality restaurants, and a supermarket. The rooms though cosy, are far from luxurious, but they are clean, and have everything you need, a nice bed (usually - this can be hit and miss), good pillows, plenty of towels, TV, alarm clock, a mini-fridge, microwave, a desk, accessible power outlets (even two in the bedhead), and plenty of functional storage space. I see a lot of reviews complaining about feeling duped about not knowing about the shared bathrooms (I always choose a room with a private bathroom), but honestly, I don't understand why people are shocked when they arrive - it's there on every booking website (you can tell from the different pricing, doh!) so it should be no surprise. However, I have seen the shared bathrooms in the hallway and they always look clean. I specifically chose Redwood City because it's a 'chill' place and I like to come here to decompress away from the city and often hole myself up in my room for several days, however the DO NOT DISTURB sign on my door does little to indicate to housekeeping staff that I don't appreciate them congregating outside my door for a chat which happens every afternoon just as I lie down for a nap. (Poking my head out the door and kindly asking them to keep it down makes no difference - they just ignore me) The reason I've continued to come back (at least a dozen trips of stays of 3-7 days over the past 4 years) is because the guests have mainly been solo or couples without kids or babies, so it's fairly quiet. But this trip I was unlucky enough to have neighbours with young kids tearing up and down the corridor, and across the hall, a baby that screamed and kept me up all night. So I guess all good things come to an end and I'll have to find myself another hotel nearby."

Special Tips

One thing I like about the Euro is that they have a washer and dryer on the ground floor which guests can use before 10pm (?). Perfect if you are staying more than a couple of nights.

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